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Whip Basics Volume V "The Teacher's Edition"

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Whip Basis Volume V - The Teachers Edition Vol. I up to Vol. IV brought you the basic techniques, advanced whip handling and in the end a large, complex routine of 23 cracks. Different whips, historical backgrounds and practical advice on making/changing your own crackers and replacing falls safely.

Volume V has nothing like that. It is strictly about teaching. You will find nearly little to no whip handling and explanation on cracks. Volume V is about psychology, communication, body dynamics, legal situations, how to approach to students and more.

These lessons and lectures are conceived for the advanced whip handler. This is for people who like to teach and for those who already teach and want to expand their capacities. This is not for the beginner in whip cracking! Here on Vol. V no cracks are explained. It's all and only about teaching and what you have to look for when you work with students.

Robert Amper works as whip coach for tv shows and cinema, gives lessons and seminars for many years. He's a 3rd degree black belt and gives basic and advanced training sessions for Karate and Taek won Do teachers, too.