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Connecting Tradition with Passion

Connecting Tradition with Passion

    "What in the world does Connecting Tradition with Passion have to do with whips?" you ask.  The tradition of using whips as a tool for herding animals dates back thousands of years. The supersonic crack of working whips can still be heard today on cattle ranches in Florida and Australia. I don't see that tradition disappearing anytime soon, but I cannot deny the fact that the whip has quickly progressed from a simple tool to a work of art. This artwork is displayed in both the beautiful plaited patterns and in the motion of fantastic cracking routines. The passion that today's plaiters and crackers bring to this old fashion tool is spectacular.

    Here are pictures of two examples showing how whips have progressed in less than a century. The first is an old buckskin cow whip used by my father in the 70's.


    The next picture was donated to us by Tyler Blake of Exowhips. This is a spectacular example of what can be produced today.


    We must give credit where credit is due. In the case of this growing whip enthusiasm, the credit is owed to none other than the Indiana Jones movies. I find it amazing that a fictional character is the origin of the whip revival. Nonetheless, I think it's our duty to ride this wave of enthusiasm and continue to encourage our growing sport. I will forever be stuck with the tradition of driving cattle with my cow whip. I am also doing my best to pass that family tradition down to my children. However, I am excited to see videos of city folk cracking their prized possessions in their back yards. Connecting that old time cowboy tradition with today's passionate whip addicts is what we are doing here. Let's show the world the beauty of this tool.



                                                                                Drawing by Jose Ortega Godoy


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